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SoCal Jack
This is my EDC when at home with the kids. The Glock slide milling and ODG Cerekote was done by JagerWerks. I did the black paint worn-out look and the frame work: double undercut, grip reduction, finger grooves removal, scalloped mag release and mag well cuts. I don't carry one in the pipe while inside, but as soon as I know I will go outside for a few minutes, I chamber it. That's why I keep my CCW lic on me. Could not fit my phone in the pic so didnt include it this time. Ammo is Hornandy Critical Defense. POTG, show your holsters in your EDC submissions!

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SoCal Jack ·
Hey brother, thanks for taking the time to comment and providing a thorough breakdown of why to always keep a round chamered. My EDC, away from home is a S&W Shield with one in the pipe, safety off, I can point shoot it and I run drills monthly. But when I'm at home, inside, horsing around with the kids, I have a dog, house entry points hardened, and security cameras that will alert me, barking or phone app alert, of anyone coming too close to the house. This affords me extra time to assess the situation, which by then the round had just been chambered. I'm open to learning and appreciate any experience you or anyone has to offer.
J.S. Leonard ·
If it's on you inside or out it should be hot (loaded). Zero exceptions. By the time you unholster your weapon after reacting to whatever it is, racking your weapon and then bringing your weapon to bear it's too late at that point.

Broken down it looks like this it takes on average .58 seconds to experience the threat and determine if it is real. Then it takes an average of .56 to 1.0 seconds to make a response decision to act. Then comes access to the gun, draw, presentation, and firing, which consume more time. Some say it takes about .50 to 1.00 seconds to access and draw the gun. Of course, the location of the gun, the type of holster and concealment, and practice affect this. Others say it takes anywhere from .25 to .31 seconds then to actually press the trigger to fire it. So these factors alone add up to a minimum average requirement of about 1.89 seconds (up to 2.39 seconds or more).

Just trying to shed positive light on this subject. 🤘👹🤘