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HVAC tech (age 31)
Baltimore md
This is my edc on all of my days. Never sure if it will be completed but as for now it feels complete.

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Christoph ·
Nice organization! Biner atr, wallet and organizer on fobs. The TT pen is the best.. secure, tough and compact but not too much. Love the Koch Tools items and the Olight.
Sam Nead ·
FYI #6 Link-to-buy is broken. (Keychain pen)
Christoph ·
Cant post links..
Search todd the maker or edc keychain pen on etsy.
Sam Nead ·
Thank you, Christoph. I thought the link was broken via Everyday Carry. No worries.
Christoph ·
No problem. Other places have stock but for significantly more than direct. I just noticed the maratac peanut link is 404... on a different CC page.
Ray R ·
Very nice looking carry. With your obvious affinity for copper and your Squid that is shown, I have one of the limited edition copper ones that would look nice with these items. Good job Charles!