Trending: NiteIze Financial Tool

Trending: NiteIze Financial Tool

When Tool Tuesday rolls over into Wallet Wednesday, you get this clever multi-functional wallet from NiteIze as the trending gear of the day. The Financial Tool serves as a minimalist plate-and-band style EDC wallet made from stainless steel. 

Just about the size of a credit card itself, the main plate features clever cutouts that add functionality while shaving off weight. You'll get a bottle opener and three hex wrenches within the plate, as well as a pair of screwdrivers and a ruler at the top edge and a scraper/packaging tape cutter on the bottom edge. The cash strap secures your twice-folded bills and cards without stretching over time. 

Because it lacks any sharp edges, the Financial Tool complies with TSA regulations, making it a minimalist option for travelers looking to cover their bases while keeping paper notes in check. You can find the Financial Tool for under $15 from the link below.

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