My Everyday Carry

Military officer’s off-duty everyday carry.

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Nice carry. I wanted to share a little advice though-- consider replacing the Luminox. I had one years ago and shattered the crystal twice doing mundane tasks. If you do some research you will find that there is only one certified repair shop for Luminox - Saltzman in RI. They are rude and not cheap. They won't give you a quote for routine repairs over the phone, and you have to pay to send it to them and get the initial service just to get the repair quote. As the only certified Luminox repair shop there is no reason they shouldn't have routine repair costs down to a science.

Also, they market heavily to the military and LEO crowd. They sell the products by name-dropping their affiliation with different branches and departments ("we sell to..."). But they give nothing back to those communities in return. They don't sponsor any causes or charities. From what I can tell, they are happy to make a buck off selling tactical looking items to military members, but could care less what happens to those people once they have made their buck.

Because of these issues, I ended up falling back on my g-shocks and timexs for trips to the field and deployments. If you are absolutely in love with the lume, there are some other tritium options out there.

Just my two cents. Sorry to come off so negative on your very first post-- Welcome by the way! Everyday Carry is a great site with a lot of good people, and you are going to enjoy participating-- just wanted to forewarn you about luminox. Regardless, thanks for sharing your carry and godspeed.
Mark ·
Nice Carry Sir and thank you for your service.