Late Summer 2019 Carry

Fresno, CA
Just recently got a Spyderco Kapara after missing out on the first run. My knife changes once in a while, but mostly it's the Kapara right now because it's amazing and still new to me. The other stuff if pretty consistent for now. I don't always carry the Roadie, and the the items below the wallet are all carried inside the wallet. I love the OneTigris zipper wallet, it holds so much and I sometimes utilize the keyring attachment for keys or a small light or knife. I know it looks like a lot of stuff, but I spread it out pretty evenly and it's not bad at all for me.

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I'm a sucka for Spyderco, that Kapara looks sick!It’s awesome.
It’s awesome.
Nice EDC gear. I particularly like your watch...old school...cool! Carry on my friend.
Thanks. I like it. Simple, cheap, and reliable.