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Benchmade Mini Vallation

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Benchmade Mini Vallation

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With its marriage of Benchmade’s trademark sharpness and AXIS-lock reliability, the original Benchmade Vallation made for an excellent folding knife. But its sheer size left much to be desired for those looking to EDC a more manageable blade in their pockets. Now with the new Benchmade Mini Vallation, you can get all the rocket-speed performance of the original blade, sized down perfectly for a more compact everyday carry, without losing what made the original design so popular.

Where the original Vallation had a full-sized 3.7“ drop point blade, the Mini edition of the knife sizes things down to a much more compact 3.2” length. It’s a slightly thinner blade too, and since the rest of the knife shrinks down in relation to the blade, the design causes the Mini Vallation to weigh in a full 1.8 ounces less than its bigger cousin (4.58 ounces all-in-all). But aside from the smaller blade, the Mini Vallation keeps the premium CPM-S30V stainless steel makeup of the original, hardened to 58-60 RC and with a flat grind that can make short work of any cutting and slicing task you encounter. 

The Mini Vallation also retains the lightning quick AXIS-assist function which lets you deploy the blade in a flash. But because the knife has a standard thumb stud actuation, there’s little risk of it opening it up without you knowing in your pockets. The AXIS lock allows for fully ambidextrous operation, and it’ll hold the blade open and in place when you’re hard at work. To further facilitate the any-handedness of the knife, the black Cerakoted aluminum handle has holes on both sides to accommodate a tip-up deep carry in any pocket you like. Cool and discreet, the Mini Vallation is there when you need it, and even when a blade won’t do, its pommel conceals a carbide glass breaker for any emergency situation.

If the original Vallation piqued your interest, the Mini Vallation is sized just right for your EDC. It has all of the performance without all of the bulk. And if you’re in the market for an assisted opening knife with the design heritage of Benchmade and a no-nonsense manual of arms, this is definitely the knife for you. Buy it today at the link below.

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