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Rogue Industries Front Pocket Wallet

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Rogue Industries Front Pocket Wallet

With all their varied shapes and sizes, sometimes getting all our gear, accessories, and apparel to work well together is an exercise in forcing a square peg down a round hole. Take wallets, for example, where the common rectangular shape is meant to fit a rectangular pocket, and for many pants—especially the front pocket of jeans—the shape doesn’t quite line up. To solve this square wallet, round pocket dilemma, Rogue Industries produced and patented their Front Pocket Wallet. With its unique shape, premium materials, and US-made construction, the wallet provides a sleek and comfortable option for your everyday essentials.

A smooth, rounded edge gives the Rogue Front Pocket its distinct form factor. The design allows the wallet to sit flush against the rounded contour of its namesake, your front pants pocket. The shape, paired with a 0.25“ thickness, gives it a slim and discreet profile, minimizing bulge while maximizing its utility. It’s compact at 5” x 3.4“ and lightweight at only 1.6 ounces, making it a solid EDC option.

You have the option of two designs for your Front Pocket: 6 slots that can hold up to 12 cards, or 3 slots that hold 6 cards along with an ID window on the right panel, with the billfold and stash pocket up top. Either option can be made from your choice of American Bison or Moose Leather. Wallets from the Bison and Moose collections in particular are made in Maine, USA, to boot. Both materials have exceptional durability that will develop a patina unique to its user over time, with the added bonus of RFID protection.

The Rogue Industries Front Pocket Wallet’s thoughtful design, robust fit and finish, and craftsmanship gives you a sound everyday option that solves a common everyday conundrum. Build your perfect Front Pocket Wallet in your choice of style, material, and initial customization at Rogue Industries’ site at the link below, with a special offer of 15% off your order with code EDC15.

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Frank LoCicero ·
The curve loses already limited storage.

The real solution is a three unit solution.
1. A minimal billfold with a few dollars and cards.
2. A Travel Document Holder for briefcase, shoulderbag, or backpack. It’s for the necessary bulky stuff.
Valante Premium Family Travel Document Organizer Capacious RFID Passport Holder Wallet (Large)
3. A Portfolio or another Document Holder for an organized place for the stuff that should stay at home most of the time.
Wundermax Portfolio Padfolio 3 Three Ring Binder Document Organizer Vegan Leather Folder with Legal Size Writing Pad Zipper 10.1 Inch Ipad Case Designer Notebook Business Planner for Men Women Black
Note: I am not recommending the examples just using them as concrete examples.