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Justin Kim
Los Angeles, CA
I run the creative department of an outdoor lifestyle brand in Seoul, Korea, which requires me to be outside a lot for shoots and product testing. Some of the items mostly serve as design inspiration, while others are strictly utilitarian. I get a sense of gratification and security knowing that the products I carry will perform in a pinch, while also pleasing the eye.

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Chris Szaroleta ·
I'm very interested in the Maratac flashlight and the Embassy pen. County Comm rarely disappoints...
Michael Mutant ·
That Visual Aircraft Recognition training aid is amazing. I wish I had one of those. I was in Korea with the U.S.A.F. in 1998 flying with C-17s. I was lucky enough to check out old broken down F-86 Sabres up close and take pics. Interesting times for me and very cool item you have there.
Sam Peterson ·
nice kit