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Trending: Leatherman Charge+

Mikey Bautista
Trending: Leatherman Charge+

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It's the start of the week, which means it's time to get some work done. And nothing gets the job done for Multi-tool Monday like a solid tool. Leatherman's hardworking Charge+ is also one of their most popular, thanks to its full loadout of 19 tools balanced inside their signature buttefly-style opening and closing design. Make no mistake: the Charge+ is a full-sized tool equipped with pliers (with replaceable wire cutters in this upgraded version), three types of blades, and two bit drivers among other useful, everyday tools. But the unique folding design, outside-accessible tools, one-handed operation, and carry-friendly 4" closed profile and 8.3-ounce weight makes it an easy option to EDC. Pick up Leatherman's everyday-ready workhorse at the link below.

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Frank LoCicero ·
The Leatgerman Charge+ is my favorite full sized multitool.

I even prefer it to the Charge+ Tti because it does not have the mini gut hook / seat belt belt on the serrated blade. (Good Multitool for the Car Glove Compartment.

The new Charge+ G10 seems to reflect (the need of?) Leatherman’s recent trend to overcharge for new inferior products. Even account for the Canadian-USA Exchabge rate, how is the Canadian Charge+ G10 more expense than Charge Tti with Titanium Scales even with the main blade upgraded to S30V from 154CM?

Sadly, even were I ready & willing to get for a new Charge+ G10 I would not get it in Bright Red.
Kobaljov ·
The new "Charge+ G10" can be more interesting with S30V blade steel and the G10 scales.
Al3xKmbll ·
the Charge+ also has the gut hook/ belt cutter, I think you're talking about the old Charge Al
Frank LoCicero ·
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