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Gerber Center Drive Plus

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Jonathan Tayag
Gerber Center Drive Plus

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When it comes to EDC, some of the best gear you can carry is the result of feedback-driven design from within the community. That ear-to-the-ground approach is exactly how Gerber improved upon their Center Drive multi-tool, now in an upgraded 'Plus' variation that has a new set of features that's even more suited for everyday carry compared to the original. But not everything is new: the Center Drive Plus retains the easy one-handed operation that made it a favorite choice in the first place.

The new Center Drive Plus features a combination straight- and serrated edge knife that's more versatile than the original plain blade featured on the original, especially if you find yourself cutting through rough material like thick ropes on a regular basis. And it's still a full-sized 3.25" blade, which is longer than knives on many other multi-tools in its class. When you need precise cuts and a knife won't do, the new Plus model now also packs a pair of spring-loaded scissors.

Like the original, the new Plus model allows you to access all of the tools with a single hand, without having to fumble with the handles like on a traditional butterfly-style tool. This includes the pliers themselves, which pop out of the handles, ready to go. And the long-extended bit driver flips out easily as well; now augmented with a set of common bits as part of the package. It retains its namesake centered positioning, making driving screws comfortable and efficient.

With the new Gerber Center Drive Plus multi-tool in hand, you can take on bigger and more varied tasks compared to its original incarnation. It’s a great choice whether you’re in the market for your first multi-tool or looking to upgrade from the original. You can pick one up in your favorite of three colors available at the link below.

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