Get Home Bag EDC

Whilst conducting a routine check of my equipment, I thought I would share the contents of my get home bag with you for your thoughts and comments.

The entire contents packs into the front section of the backpack (with the exception of the shemagh, and first aid/trauma pack which I put in the main section.

This bag goes to work with me, and I carry it around all day, every day. There is enough room for my laptop (at a squeeze) and a small gym kit (not shown in the picture).

This kit supplements my pocket EDC (see my other submissions), and my car bug out bag, so its pretty comprehensive.

There are no spare clothes or sleeping bags etc in this kit for a couple of reasons 1) i cant fit them in it, and 2) this is my get home bag so i would be intending to get back home within 24 hrs.

I'm looking for your advice on how I can cut this down even further, reduce weight (its sitting around 14-15lb currently), and/or supplement it with key items I have forgotten. I want to keep this as purely a "get home bag" so ideally would like to reduce bulk, keep the items to the ESSENTIAL ones, and keep weight down.

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions.

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail...

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Steven Johnson ·
Very well thought out set up. I think I would ditch umbrella and replace cooking kit with simple canteen cup and esbit stove with heat tabs would take away the bulk. Extra pair of socks, and a sleep bivvy from SOL. IIndustrial trash bag for ground layer. All these items would take up minimal space and add minimal weight. Just suggestions.
Good thoughts 👍
Dave ·
Dude, that is a solid start. Things I would add are a decent prybar, some gloves and maybe an emergency bivvi bag?
Hi Dave, I have a pair of Mechanix gloves in my jacket pocket and there is a space blanket in my IFAK. What are your recommendations for a good, lightweight, prybar?

My other thoughts were to add a Silcock key.
Ian Holmes ·
Your used to yomping so I doubt the weight is an issue. How far would you be travelling to get home? I would only add to your kit. A third way if starting fire stormoroof matches. Food wise I'd go for protein bars, trail mix and beef jerky so you could eat on the move without having to cook your food. Maybe a beanie but you do have the shemagh. Gloves would be good. Think you could loose the stainless pot. Puritans and some tinder like the tinder quiks might be an idea. Compass and local map.
Good tips. I have around 35 miles to travel, so map & compass are a good idea - I know the route well, but always good to be able to work out alternative routes. Thanks. Will add the protein bars and jerky. Will also think about fire starting. The bottle filter also purifies does no need for tabs, but may add some as a back up.