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MecArmy PS14 DCT

Bernard Capulong
MecArmy PS14 DCT

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You might think any flashlight can work well in your EDC, but not all light is created equal. Depending on your environment, something as subtle as the color of its beam can make all the difference. Cool white LEDs work well in urban settings and are typically more powerful to help outshine competing streetlights. In the outdoors, however, a warmer tint can help you better differentiate the greens and browns in your verdant surroundings. While most lights usually only output one color of light, the MecArmy PS14 stands out with its ability to put out both cool white and neutral white light, covering your bases no matter where you are. Combined with the rest of its EDC-friendly features, it makes a strong case for why two LEDs are better than one.

Look down the business end of the light and you’ll find the stars of the show: two CREE XPL-HD LEDs coupled together. Besides the benefit of having both cool white light and neutral white light at your disposal with this setup, you also get a max combined output of 1200 lumens on Turbo. They’re powered by an included 14500 battery with a convenient micro-USB charging port built right into the cell. The light also accommodates more accessible AA batteries and can achieve a maximum runtime of 25 hours. A stainless steel tail switch controls the PS14’s operation: a full press turns the light on and off, while half presses cycle between the light’s 5 modes. Twisting the head and tightening it swaps between the LEDs, letting you use them independently when you need a specific color temperature.

MecArmy outfitted the PS14 with a slew of EDC-friendly features you’d expect from a modern light as well. Besides its included micro-USB rechargeable battery, it also comes with a wide, removable pocket clip. Its scalloped tail allows for easy button presses without sacrificing tailstand capabilities. Diamond shaped knurling on the midsection of the anodized aluminum body provide ample grip, while finely ribbed texturing on the head helps with twist operation. Lastly, it boasts IPX8 water resistance to stand up to the elements. Check out this versatile light at the link below.

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The UI on this is utter garbage you have to cycle through strobe to get back to lower settings this flaw was worked out of lights ages ago but makes an un welcome return in this light , appart from this terrible oversight the light is useful and has a form factor that is usable and practical.
Frank LoCicero ·
The case for two different LEDs was made years ago with White & Red LEDs. Having both Cool White and Neutral White in one package makes sense for some relatively rare situations.

I’m a fan of flashlights that can accept either AA or 14500 batteries. They’re hard to find these days.

While the technology to have CW & NW may be priced fairly, but, I’m not sure $89 is the right price however for a AA / 14500 light with marginal usefulness compared to a light with just CW or just NW.