Trending: Boker Rocket Pen Brass

Trending: Boker Rocket Pen Brass

This week’s Writing Wednesday trending item is the Boker Rocket Pen, a sleek machined pen designed to take you over the hump with its subtle details and durable functionality. Made from brass, it has a bit more heft than the aluminum version, giving it an appealing tactile experience that will eventually develop a rich patina for a vintage appeal. The Rocket Pen’s body is oval shaped for comfort during prolonged use, and also prevents the pen from rolling off your desk. The easy-glide bolt-action mechanism is reminiscent of rifles, providing a satisfying feel as it locks into place. The bolt itself is lower profile than most, so won’t cause any trouble in the pocket with accidental activation. Coupled with the slim stainless steel pocket clip, it sits deep for a discreet carry. The Rocket Pen can easily be taken apart for maintenance with standard tools, and is compatible with popular Parker Jotter and Fisher Space Pen #PR4 refills. Snag one now in the link below.

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I bought this pen as a result of an EDC blog recommendation, and I love it. Its weight it perfect, and even after only a few weeks, the patina is starting to show. You will need a T8 torx bit to remove the end piece so you can change the refill, but they're not hard to find.