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Streamlight Siege X

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Jonathan Tayag
Streamlight Siege X

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Whether you’re out in the woods or dealing with a power outage, the best way to light up your surroundings is with an LED lantern. That’s because they spread light out evenly instead of focusing it all on a single bright point like a traditional flashlight. A lantern like the new Streamlight Siege X will serve you better than any makeshift set-up you might make with a regular light. But what truly sets it apart is that it can operate as a flashlight as well. That versatility, along with its small size, excellent light output, and its ability to recharge, makes the Streamlight Siege X a great fit for your outdoors or emergency EDC.

At 4.35“ tall and only 7.2 ounces in weight, the Streamlight Siege X is sized right for a jacket pocket or bag carry. And unlike a traditional flashlight, the Siege X is designed to illuminate a wide area like a real lantern. That means you can hang or clip it to a line or your gear to brighten up your tent or common space. Since it’s powered by a 325-lumen LED module, you won’t need to break out any oil or lighters to get it going. Instead, it takes Streamlight’s own USB-rechargeable 18650 battery, or two CR123A cells of your own if you prefer.

For ease of use, all of the Streamlight Siege X’s modes are easily accessible with presses of the on/off switch on the light itself. Powered up ,the Siege X can put out an impressive 325 lumens on High, 170 lumens on Medium, and 30 lumens on Low. For tactical low-light use that won’t ruin your eyesight in the dark, the Siege X also includes red LED modules, giving you an economical 1.6 lumens and the ability to flash a red SOS signal in an emergency.

But if you were thinking the Siege X is only good as a lantern, you’d be mistaken. With the one white C4 LED module at the top of the lantern, it can operate as a focused flashlight as well. That module can throw light out to about 500 feet at its High setting of 300 lumens, with a 200-foot throw on its 40-lumen Low.

The Streamlight Siege X is a capable and versatile hybrid lantern and flashlight combination that excels at both tasks. And with its IPX7 water resistance rating and two meter impact shock rating, you can take it along with the confidence that it’ll work whenever and wherever you find yourself. And whether you’re looking for your next hiking light, a light for an emergency, or just want a bit of illumination in the dark, the Streamlight Siege X is the right choice. Check it out today at the link below.

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