Things I rely on

Zac Davies
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
I pack all these things into a Herschel backpack day to day. Leaving the house sans backpack just involves the basics from here.

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Bernard Capulong ·
This is a great example of style and practicality. Very well thought out and nicely executed, Zac! Thanks for sharing.
Chris Szaroleta ·
I love it when we use the term "rely" when discussing our dependence on our EDC gear. I mean, it's just true! Truly, we rely on these items or we wouldn't carry them.
Jared Avila ·
Love your pouch you recommend it? I was thinking bout getting a maxpedition edc organizer but this looks nice.
Zac Davies ·
Yeah it's not bad. The colour has faded a tiny bit but I don't mind.
Kyle Ladd ·
Why not update your camera?
Zac Davies ·
Because money!
Sam Peterson ·
nice aesthetic going here, I probably should recognize the padded sleeve for your MBA but I don't
Zac Davies ·
It's a Booq Viper sleeve :)