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Deal Alert: Save $75 on the Bluffworks Field Jacket

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Deal Alert: Save $75 on the Bluffworks Field Jacket

At a higher level, EDC isn’t just about what you carry, but how you carry it all too — and at $75 off, a new coat with plenty of pockets might be just what you need. Your clothing's pockets can make all the difference in how much you can carry and how easily you can access your gear. As an EDCer, one staple you shouldn't overlook in your wardrobe is a proper field jacket. With its military roots and timeless, utilitarian design, it can be that one perfect layer for gearing up. The Bluffworks Field Jacket takes this classic silhouette and improves upon it with modern technology and EDC-focused features. With 10 total pockets, durable technical construction, and breathable waterproof fabric, it's built to go everywhere you do, gear in tow.

Like a great EDC bag, the Bluffworks Field Jacket starts with high performance materials and fabric. Constructed from 100% nylon, its DWR-treated ripstop shell offers durability, wind- and water resistance. A 3-layer breathable waterproof membrane combined with taped seams seals water out while a hood hidden in the collar provides full coverage in rain. And unlike cotton-based fabrics, the 100% nylon content used helps resist wrinkles, making it ideal for packing down into your EDC bag or luggage when traveling.

Other thoughtful details like adjustable cuffs, a dropped hem for coverage, faux suede hood adjusters and drawstrings, and much more add up to round out the Field Jacket. For a modern take on a classic outerwear staple, check out the Bluffworks Field Jacket in Black or Olive Green at the link below. Everyday Carry readers can save $75 off the Field Jacket with code EDC75, valid until 11/14.  

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This is a sponsored post presented by Bluffworks.

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I know Everyday Carry has every right to promote products to bring in revenue that keeps our beloved site going. But... I don't agree that this site should start dabbling in clothing & apparel. There are thousands of other sites and forums out there for fashion and clothing. There are far fewer for EDC and pocket dumps. I don't think Everyday Carry needs to water down its content in this way to include a subject matter that is already overdone elsewhere.
Or, get the Eddie Bauer Atlas Stretch Hooded jacket for $89.40. Also DWR and breathable with storable hood. But you’ll be stuck with “only” 8 pockets instead of 10. I love this site, but it always tends towards the highest end when there are affordable alternatives with excellent warranties/guarantees.
Efrain Suarez II ·
The irony in your comment Joe is that like TAD, EDC wasn’t like this in the beginning.
Efrain Suarez II ·
$350??? That’s TAD Gear and PDW territory for Gucci Tactical gear, which this is not. The is Millennial Waxed Mustache Hipster apparel. This is just an overly priced poor copy of the tried and true M-65? This is an easy pass. I’ll stick with pride my issues M-65 and love the British Field Jacket.
Festus ·
10 pockets? Ugh, same problem as the ScottEvest, too MANY pockets. Too much temptation to overload it, and then you have a 25 lb jacket. And too many places to lose track of the what you carry. Also, $350 for a knock off M-65? Ouch.

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