Rovyvon Aurora A5 with sidelight--Glowing in the dark!!!

RovyVon EDC
Shenzhen, China
Among all EDC flashlights, at present, this one--aurora A5, is my favorite one. The most remarkable feature is high lumens but in tiny size and glowing green in the dark. At 14.5mm X 54.8mm, it is just perfect to hang on your keychain and pocket. Also, with the lithium polymer battery and Cree XP-G3, its max output can be 550 lumens, which is enough to light your whole room up, but it will step down after a while when at the high mode( there are also low, medium strobe modes and sidelight). Besides, another point I wanna say is that it glows brightly in the dark. That's really amazing. When you can't find your keys or other black flashlights in the dark, there it is--Aurora A5. Love it so much! I know they already have another one on--A7(glow blue), will get that soon.

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