Adventure is out there

This is my edc for adventures when I’m not hitting the books at college

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Howdy to a fellow Idahoan - there's lots of adventure to be had out there. I love the minimalism! I've tried carrying a fixed blade quite a bit and can never land on a sheath I love carrying. How do you carry your Izula?

The longest stint I've done EDCing a fixed blade was with a Candiru in a homemade Kydex sheath that fit in the watch pocket of my jeans. I really liked the strength/simplicity of the setup, but I stopped carring it 'cause one time I pulled it out in Chick Fil A to cut down a straw and it definitely felt inappropriate for the location :D

Bonus points if you didn't know ~ Esee knives are made by Rowen MFG over in Idaho Falls. Way to shop local ;)