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One of the best backpack recommendations you’ll hear from both EDC enthusiasts and "one bag" travelers alike is the iconic GORUCK GR1. That’s not only because of the bag’s proven track record over the years as one of the first tactical backpacks on the market or its practically bombproof durability. The GORUCK GR1 wouldn’t be the overbuilt, do-it-all EDC bag it is without its history. Founded by a Special Forces soldier, GORUCK’s mission was to make products with military-level quality more accessible and practical in everyday life. They delivered that with their original GR1 and took it to the next level with its current version, available at a lower price.

The GORUCK GR1 takes a less-is-more approach when it comes to how you should carry your gear. It opens flat, giving you full organizational control thanks to three rows of MOLLE-compatible webbing on the interior for adding your own pouches and modular gear. There’s also a suspended laptop compartment that keeps your computer off the ground when you set your bag down. Besides that, you have access to another zippered front pocket for storing smaller, more frequently accessed gear.

It’s not just the inside of the GR1 that makes it a great EDC bag either—it comes in versatile sizes (21L and 26L) to do it all. Its durable, rainproof 1000D Cordura construction ensures it can stand up to wherever you take it without being too heavy. The shoulder straps also feature extra padding to maintain comfort even through the longest treks through the city or the woods. Its understated design blends in well for city use, but it packs some outdoor features like hydration bladder compatibility as well. Frequent flyers can haul the GR1 as their “one bag” and comply with TSA requirements too. With just a few packing cubes and pouches, the GR1 can pull double duty as your go-to travel bag.

While there are plenty of other tactical bags on the market that you can choose from, few have the history and proven track record of the GR1. If you want to check out the original rugged backpack for yourself, make sure to click the link below.

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270ultimate ·
Ain’t freedom grand?
J Wahooo ·
Solid bag, best I have ever owned.
If you believe a $15 wallyworld bag is a good bag then I'm sure thats all you really need. And that's fine.
On the other hand if serious quality and durability is critacal to you, if you need a true one bag does it all, and if you ruck at all, then this is your only bag.
It's one of those if I need to convince you to buy it, you probably don't need it things.
Mark Roberts ·
All I'm asking is for someone to demonstrate the "serious quality and durability" of these bags over much less expensive bags. OF COURSE GoRuck says "this thing is tougher/better/stronger." THEY SELL BACKPACKS. And of course people who have spent $300 say "I am sure my purchase was smart and wise." Who wants to say "Well I wish I had saved all that money and gone to Wally first."

What I'm asking is for someone to do a side by side comparison. I am asking for DATA that shows the GoRuck is worth so much more money. Give it the Consumer Reports challenge, EDC!

Yes, sometimes you buy once and cry once. But sometimes you buy once and cry often because you realize you bought marketing and a label, not value.

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Mark Roberts ·
How can a backpack possibly be worth $295? I bought a backpack at Wally for less than $20 that is a dead ringer for this backpack. If someone says "It's not as durable" I COULD BUY FIFTEEN OF THOSE BACKPACKS for one GR1. Fifteen! How many of us are putting that kind of stress on a backpack anyway? I'm sure they are great but I just don't get how they can possibly be worth that much. I'd like EDC to do a direct stress test and SHOW they are better. Let's see how a $20 clone bag compares. Throw a $50 Columbia or REI bag in the mix. Let's have a backpack challenge and let's see the goods. Just how much better is it? I wonder if I'm paying $300 for the GR1 label, not actual tangible benefits. PROVE IT EDC!
Josh Wallace ·
I have a GR1 and GR2. They are definitely my go to bag.
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