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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I've changed most of my EDC items that fits me best. I've been itching to upgrade my Macbook Air to the Pro line for my daily use - Video Editing, Writing and computing some programmes for Electronic Designs. So I'm glad that I finally did. Also, I've changed to a Sony A6000 from the RX100 for my Youtube stuff; and with a deteriorating battery life on the Apple Watch, I've gone back to my Timex and let me tell you - I don't miss having the notifications on my wrist that much. The only thing that I've downgraded is my phone - I've gone from the iPhone 7 (32GB) to the iPhone SE (64GB). The battery lifespan in this tiny phone of course isn't as good as the 7 that I've had. But I really like the size of it. Makes it more pocketable and it doesn't feel like I have anything when it's in my jeans. It'll be nice if they're updating the SE next year when they announced the 12.

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