Bare Necessities

Max Soon Chen Ying
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Bare necessities. Only the things I know I will need to use every day.

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Chris Szaroleta ·
What are your thoughts on the Schrade pen?
Max Soon Chen Ying ·
It's not that good, the ferrous rod inside and striker at the end unscrews itself if you carry it in your pocket long enough. The striker came of it's attachment after about 10 strikes, but I managed to get the part changed since it was still under warranty. The whistle works fine with a bit of practice.
Very nice, I like minimalist & stream-lined! Any thoughts on the Wallet Ninja? I've heard mixed reviews.
Max Soon Chen Ying ·
Thanks! All of the functions in the wallet ninja works fairly well, but I'm not sure if the hex function will work on tighter bolts. It's quite painful to turn you see.
Max Soon Chen Ying ·
Thanks! Yes it is quite bulky, but since I carry many cards it's quite inevitable. Will definitely consider it when Coin finally comes to my country.
Bernard Capulong ·
Props for choosing only the gear you need, but doesn't that Fossil wallet get unwieldy? It seems rather bulky, have you considered a more minimal wallet to go with the rest of your EDC?