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WingWallex Minimalist Wallet

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WingWallex Minimalist Wallet

Nobody aspires to have a giant wallet filled with cards. Still, many often find themselves in that situation, with a bulging pocket and a wallet bursting at the seams. One obvious solution to this problem is to pick up a slim minimalist wallet, but those usually mean that you need to make some sacrifices. Whether that be less space for cards or no real method of carrying cash, it’s not a compromise you want to make. That isn’t the case with the WingWallex Minimalist Wallet. Thanks to its unique design and ease of use, it offers similar capacity and access as traditional bifold wallets in a smaller, more pocket-friendly footprint.

Like your favorite EDC flashlight or knife handle, the WingWallex features an anodized aluminum and glass-filled nylon construction that makes it both tough and lightweight enough to carry around without weighing you down. Better still, it has RFID shielding “wings” to protect your information. Normally, you’d need to toss any receipts and abandon any hope of carrying cash with a minimal wallet. But the WingWallex takes a different approach and leans into that functionality instead. It can hold up to 9 credit cards without a problem and comes with an elastic band that comfortably holds any bills or important receipts that you may need to hold on to. Accessing all your cards is easy as well thanks to a spring-loaded clasp that displays your cards for easy picking. If you have a single card that you use most often, there’s also a quick access slot so getting to it isn't a hassle. You can also just stash your ID in there if you work in a building where you need to scan in.

If you’ve been looking to slim down your wallet without making practical sacrifices to your EDC, the WingWallex Minimalist Wallet might be the one for you. Not to mention it has a 5-year warranty so that if anything goes wrong, you have peace of mind. If this sounds like something you can see yourself or someone you know making use of, definitely click the link below to check it out for yourself.

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Frank LoCicero ·
What’s with the minimalist obsession?

Reminds me of high school. Some guys thought hardly carrying any books or supplies was cool. But those guys always got low grades.
270ultimate ·
I would think from a wallet standpoint, the opposite is true. Case in point: George Costanza.
I’m a firm believer in carrying what you need, but some need less than others. I need to carry 7 forms of ID/cards total, so I use a discontinued Saddleback Leather ID wallet.
270ultimate ·
You just made me do math... I’m at 6 plastic cards including ID, and a stainless steel Sparrows Hall Pass.

I’ve salivated over a Billykirk Small Trucker for years now, complete with chain. But I haven’t sat on a wallet in a very long time. Can’t imagine anything other than front pocket.
Fan of the disc hero wallet, simple, strong leather, use it every day.

@Frank minimalist for life man!