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Cody Gibson ·
Loving that Swiss!! I need one!
Corentin ·
Pretty useful little one and looks so good with those scales 👌😉
Awesome carry! I also have a Vic Rambler, but it's just the regular red. I absolutely love it.

Where or how did you manage to find a Rambler with wood scales? Love to get my hands on one like that
Al3xKmbll ·
I think those scales were made from Ti
Corentin ·
You’re right 😜
Corentin ·
Thanks 😉. You can find the scales on “daily custom shop” website and it’s titanium. You just have to glue it on your sak you have different sizes if you want for your regular sak. I used epoxy glue and it’s perfect. The leather sheath came from this website too. I hope I answer your question 😉👊
Al3xKmbll ·
Nice EDC,would you like to share your thoughts about the T4?
Corentin ·
I was looking for a small multi tool with a different style than a victorinox and this T4 seems to be perfect. I got it since one month and the one hand opening system work really great and it’s pretty smooth. The functions of the tools are enought for me I use especially the Philips, screw driver, scissor and of course the blade even if the it seems to be a bit small it’s Totally fine for my use. One cons is the thicknesses in the pocket when I wear a jeans.
Al3xKmbll ·
Great review, thanks!!