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What is the "custom finger" used for?
If you look up the maker of it you will find out.
Well if people aren’t going to share the details about what they carry on here— what’s the bleedin point?

All I see is an overpriced bong for sale. So is this just a weird one-hitter?
Pretty much ! But to each they're own right No judgment. Good for him for putting his honesty out there
No judgement from me-- Doesn't bother me at all. But you can't post a photo of a metal finger and not expect it to leave some people scratching their heads wanting to know what it is for-- whatever it may be.

If he is going to put the photo of it, he should put the description too. Not sure if the concern is the legality of it or whatever, but the photo itself is more damning than a simple description. And in which case, if that is the concern, he shouldn't put photos on the internet for the world to see anyhow.

Also, I never figured out what 270ultimate's deal is... Now he is "testing" me, lol (literally wrote "test" on my profile instead of acknowledging this discussion).
I agree with ya completely. The lack of description has indeed created more attention to the items. . As far as the "test" is concerned, maybe he wants to see if you can search the net for hours to find the info? Lol idk? Maybe he will chime in again and tell everyone what he knows.
I literally wrote "test" on your profile instead of acknowledging this discussion to see if you would respond to it since this site doesn't offer the means to DM anyone. I figured you seemed about as curious about some of these items as I was, just maybe not as good of an internet sleuth or not that worried about them. I thought it might be a smidge more apropos to throw it somewhere besides a post that's up to 21 comments and counting. I apologize for that.

The Run Your Pockets keychains I'm seeing consist of 3 or 4 tools and a flight tag. Tools are as follows: A bottle opener, a cylindrical tool that resembles a small pen, sometimes a magnet of sorts, and the aforementioned hook.

The cylinder is an etching pen. It's commonly used to graffiti mirrors, glass, and such in public places (a practice also called "scratchiti"). I notice several posts containing the other items feature permanent markers and paint pens.

Some versions of the magnet appear to double as a knuckle duster. It would seem the magnet is sometimes used in conjunction with the hook.

So finally, we come to the hook... Google EAS hook or effetool.

Frankly, I had more trouble figuring out what the damn fingers are, but finally found that.
Thank you! Lol hat's off to you.
If you don't mind me asking, what is the "run your pockets" tool ? What is it used for?
Good luck with that.
Lol what do you mean ?
Do you know what it is?
Don't own one. Don't know anybody who does. After seeing it on here a couple of times, I became... curious.

The information is out there. It just wasn't the easiest to find.
Is it used to rob people some how? Why is it called "run your pockets"? So you did find info about this thing then?
Care to share what you found out about it?
I googled this, as I have no clue either. The only thing I could find is that "run your pockets" is used when someone is announcing their intent to rob you. The full expression is "run or give me whatever is in your pockets" then it just became, "run your pockets"-- according to Urban Dictionary. No idea what this tool is for, or why 270ultimate is being so cryptic though.
Go to "run your pockets face book" and you may find out more about what this tool is used for and other things they offer
Did that. It has nothing to do with this odd hook. Just a quasi-EDC site where a guy tries to sell you his garage apparel.
If you do find out, come back and let me know. Lol. Why are the two holes countersunk like it attaches to something else ?