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Trending: Benchmade 319-1 Proper Slipjoint Knife

Mikey Bautista
Trending: Benchmade 319-1 Proper Slipjoint Knife

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The 319 Proper is Benchmade's first take on a classic slip joint folder. It's a non-locking folding knife with a ton of character, crafted by one of the best blade makers in the USA. Instead of the cheap carbon steel you commonly see on slip joints, the Proper uses a corrosion-resistant, American-made CPM-S30V steel on its 2.86” blade. Its sheepsfoot blade shape is ideal for a variety of cutting and slicing tasks, thanks to the large belly and distinct point.

In keeping with the traditional slip joint design, the Proper comes with scales made of either red contoured G10 or a dark brown canvas micarta that both give a unique tactile feel and extra grip. It opens and closes with a nail nick and the slip joint mechanism keeps it firmly in place. There’s no pocket clip, but there is a lanyard hole so you can easily grab it from your pocket. For a unique take on the classic traditional folder, check out the Proper at the link below.

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gargoyle ·
Purchasing the Benchmade Proper was one of the better knife purchases I've made. It's a great all around knife. I'm less excited about the G10 scales, but I put a set of the brass Flytanium scales onto it, and a great knife became an EXCELLENT knife. Last I checked, Flytanium also had copper and titanium scales for the Proper. All outstanding choices.

If you like classic slip joint knives, but want something with updated steel, take a good, long look at the Proper. Even with the G10 scales (which ain't my thing), this is still a wonderful knife. It's one of my "go-to" knives for daily carry.