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Trending: TEC Accessories Titanium Isotope Triode Fob

Mikey Bautista
Trending: TEC Accessories Titanium Isotope Triode Fob

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Since the early days of EDC, tritium fobs have always been a neat accessory attached to keychains, lanyard holes, and even zipper pulls, functioning as both aesthetic addition as well as functional feature. The tritium tubes used in fobs is a self-powered light source, thanks to the beta particles emitted by the (harmless) radioactive decay of tritium that cause phosphors to glow. Unlike luminescent coatings like those seen on watches, tritium doesn't need to be "charged" to emit light, making it an ideal locator or illumination for gear in any situation. For Titanium Thursday, TEC Accessories' take on the trit fob is a compact, yet eye-catching skeletonized vial able to hold up to 3 tritium vials within its bores (one 3mm x 23mm vial or two 3mm x 11mm vials per bore). The fob itself is machined from 6AL-4V titanium, letting it keep a light weight at 0.48 ounces without sacrificing durability. A simple lanyard hole at its tail handles its EDC attachment needs. Whether you need the extra flair for your gear or simply need a reliable way to locate them in the dark, check out the TEC Accessories Titanium Isotope Triode Fob at the link below.

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Britt ·
Do keep in mind the half life of tritium, so it doesn’t glow forever.