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Free up some (read: tons of) space in your pocket with TGT’s minimal wallets. The TGT Deluxe boasts a super slim elastic body that holds between two to twelve cards and that’s attached to a soft, stretchy lambskin double pocket for organizing cash and/or a key or two. They come in a large variety of color combinations and, best of all, take up hardly any more space than would carrying your cards or cash with an elastic band.

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Hopefully getting one of these for my first Father's Day! Love the look and the use of this wallet. Here's to hopefully having one soon!
This is intriguing.

I've seen the TGT wallet a few times (the RWB color scheme in particular appeals...) but at first blush it seems TOO minimal. I like it with the extra pocket... but I don't know what I would put there. Doesn't seem big enough for an ID/other card
Don't worry John, I got in contact with TGT and now have some review samples. Is there anything about the wallet in particular you'd like to know so I can address them?
Where is the link to the actual product? Or at least the company's website? This is really confusing. How do I go get this wallet?
Click on the blue button link that says "via GearHungry." That will lead to Gear Hungry's site. After the large picture there is a small paragraph description. Below that description is a smaller sentence "Check out the full lineup at Tight – $42+" The link is the 'Tight' in red hypertext letters.