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TGT Deluxe

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Free up some (read: tons of) space in your pocket with TGT’s minimal wallets. The TGT Deluxe boasts a super slim elastic body that holds between two to twelve cards and that’s attached to a soft, stretchy lambskin double pocket for organizing cash and/or a key or two. They come in a large variety of color combinations and, best of all, take up hardly any more space than would carrying your cards or cash with an elastic band.

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Edward H ·
Hopefully getting one of these for my first Father's Day! Love the look and the use of this wallet. Here's to hopefully having one soon!
John Gleich ·
This is intriguing.

I've seen the TGT wallet a few times (the RWB color scheme in particular appeals...) but at first blush it seems TOO minimal. I like it with the extra pocket... but I don't know what I would put there. Doesn't seem big enough for an ID/other card
Bernard Capulong ·
Don't worry John, I got in contact with TGT and now have some review samples. Is there anything about the wallet in particular you'd like to know so I can address them?
David Chartier ·
Where is the link to the actual product? Or at least the company's website? This is really confusing. How do I go get this wallet?
Click on the blue button link that says "via GearHungry." That will lead to Gear Hungry's site. After the large picture there is a small paragraph description. Below that description is a smaller sentence "Check out the full lineup at Tight – $42+" The link is the 'Tight' in red hypertext letters.