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Love that Park Sloper wallet. I've been hunting around for something smaller than my hacked Moleskine and that one looked like a real winner, along with the Architect's Wallet by Form Function Form. The price turned me off of both of them, and I eventually found the BankNote NYC wallet on Kickstarter that is a very similar design to the Park Sloper for half the price. Haven't received it yet, but I'm hoping it will fulfill my desire to have a wallet + notebook + pen all in one package. Nice EDC!
Nice edc. How you like that gerber dime? I've been looking to get one of my own is it good cuality which is my main. Concern
Thanks! I really like it. Quality is excellent for the price. It's not a high-end tool, but for what I use it for, it's perfect. There are (far) better tools out there, but for $16, I think this one is unbeatable. Been with me for 3 years with plenty of use. No damage, no fails. It's also the only thing I could find with the exact combination of things I needed. Surprising how tough it is to find the perfect combination for your own needs. Million dollar idea - build custom multi-tools, putting in only the functions people want.