Michigan Winter EDC

Retired (age 60)
This is the EDC I have been carrying for the past few months. The model 60 is new and I have been carrying it, and shooting it a lot to find if it will make the "cut" as it were. I have been carrying it in a holster made for my old SP101, but since I have decided that I will keep it and use it I will be ordering a new Black Hills Leather holster for it from Rudy Lozano. I also will be sending it down the road to my friends at MagNaPort to have them fix two of the issues I have with it, first give it their nice action job and trigger work for a too heavy DA trigger, and put some new higher visible sights for my old eyes. I carry two reloads of Freedom Munitions .357 magnums. The magnums are carried to defeat thicker winter clothing over my usual .38 special and .380 summer loads. The revolver, and my pants, are held up by a great belt made by Hanks belts.

Since it is now winter in Michigan it means cold weather and going to and leaving work in darkness. So, I carry the Inova penlight in my work coat for inspections, and the Streamlight in the inside breast pocket of my every day leather jacket. The new Olight is my pocket light for emergency uses. I add thin, to retain dexterity, cashmere wool lined deerskin driving gloves and a zippo rechargable handwarmer for my hands, which get cold, slippery and painful as I get older and have arthritis in my right hand.

Rounding out my edc are: My two favorite folders, the Benchmade is carried in my left hip pocket, the Spyderco in my right watch pocket. My RGM Sea3 has been changed over to a Yobookies ricebead bracelet, in summer I wear it on a canvas nato strap. My Geneva money clamp, and finally the only cell phone case I will carry, a Pocket Plus with magnetic closure belt strap.

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