Christmas is over! Back to brass, leather and micarta!

Good day everybody,

I am not a newbie in the edc-world but not changing to much in the last few years, but after loosing my Sebenza 21 in the woods (stabbed it into a log and oh boy never found it again) I chande up a few things....


so a new Sebenza had to come, and I had the luck to get a double lugged micarta Tanto sebenza (it´s quite hard to get these double lugs in Germany) and to be honest this is the best one I have ever had. I had my first sebenza 7 Years ago and used it every day so this will be a daily user) First thing I did was taking it apart, cleaning, lubing and everything is like perfect now. Still not sure about the lanyard pin but time will tell.

As a back up I have my GEC 71 which always is up to everything I throw at it.


I have de Emisar D4v1 already and as i heard the version 2 is coming out in brass, it was an easy decission. Really love it and the high power mode is just incredible but to be honest I don´t use it that much, I prefer to ramp up to 300 Lumens and stay there. Overall great flashlight


The pen is heavy and I like it a lot, Fisher spce pen refill and that´s all I need. Size when at full length is perfect for my hands. I put my pen and GEC in the awesome Hitchandtimber pocket runt!


Custom leather Wallet form a German Leather Company in Füssen. It is made out of one piece of nice leather and you can choose color and stitching. I tried a lot of minimalist wallets, but in Germany we are still quite dependend on coins so this one is the better option for me at the moment.


Keybar Brass with leatherman bit holders (2 of them). For me still the best option for organizing my keys and I use the bits and can opener a lot and it´s quite sufficient in edc use.

Sorry for my bad English but I try my best!

all the best and have a nice day everybody.

cheers Toby

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