Today's Carry #0001

Designer (age 26)
Working on a project on-site so this is today's grab 'n go :D

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How often do you find yourself using the Gerber Money Clip knife? I was thinking about getting it. I also like the Lamy!
The Gerber i've used the least in my EDC but the main reason I carry it is for that one random moment in which I may rush out the door without a knife or multitool :O Accidentally took it to Disney World with the family and used it a few times though!
Nice Lamy Safari and red Nexus 5!
Thanks bud :D! My previous Lamy Safari was the black one but I lost it which lead to me picking up the astonishgly bright yellow one to avoid a similar situation!
I couldn't decide whether to buy the donut or the Donatello key holder, so I bought both. Good looks!
You sir, just made the best purchase of the year!
I gotta get homer's head next but I need more keys first haha