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QuietCarry Helm Ti Carabiner

Mon Garcia
QuietCarry Helm Ti Carabiner

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One of the first challenges of the new EDC enthusiast is how to carry their keys in an efficient, useful, and if possible, stylish way. And though carabiners have been around forever and are available at every price point, it’s also nice to take a look at more premium options to see what’s out there, or if one might better fit your EDC’s aesthetic. Not to mention that the use of better materials may be a significant upgrade to your current setup. The Helm Ti Carabiner, brought to you by QuietCarry’s Bryce Alexander, is worth checking out for your next keychain accessory. This premium brand takes the simple climber’s tool and turns it into a sleek and minimalist way to keep your essentials close at hand.

At just 2.5" long and 1.2" inches wide, the QuietCarry Helm Ti Caribiner cuts a simple and compact profile that belies its thoughtful design and construction. It’s completely CNC-machined from one solid piece of titanium, with no stainless steel parts. This gives it the inherent durability, corrosion resistance, and amazing strength to density ratio of the popular material.

The metal’s inherent low elastic modulus (springness) also allows Quietcarry to construct a seamless carabiner that requires no hinge or separate spring, thus no other parts to break or wear out, while still able to retain its original shape. A small detail machined into one of the corners can serve as a mini prybar or screwdriver in a pinch, while the brand’s logo is etched near the gate as a minimalist eyecatch.

Since the Helm shares the same design language as the QuietCarry’s other products, it’s meant to go well their other EDC hardware like the Chase knife and the Pry 64 minitool, the latter of which you can get packaged with the Helm. You can also pair it with the brand’s titanium keyrings and different-sized key organizers, for a even more streamlined, cohesive look.

The Helm comes in three different finishes—All Black, Gray or Stonewashed—that allow you to better match or complement the rest of your kit. If you’re looking for a simple yet thoughtfully designed carabiner to elevate your EDC keychain setup, there’s still time to pledge on QuietCarry’s fully funded Kickstarter page at the link below.

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Pimppimp23 ·
I went to the Kickstarter page and pressed play to watch the video. I can appreciate someone with gnarly talent along with the same great taste in music. Can’t go wrong with a little Atmosphere to show off incredible talent!! 🤙🏼
David Hughes ·
I wonder what the SWL of this "carabiner" is.
It's made to hold house keys not rock climbing.
David Hughes ·
Then it's NOT a carabiner and to call it such is dangerous deception.
From what I can read it says made for your keys in the title. It's clear on my end.
David Hughes ·
Not everyone is as sharp as you are.