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Daniel Mendonca
Visalia, CA
. Only thing that has changed since taking this pic is that I have added Tru-Glo nightlights and S15 magazines for the Glock. Hope you like it.

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Steven Johnson ·
Nice set [email protected]
Montana Actual ·
IS that migpul wallet kind of a PITA to get out of your pocket sometimes? I had a Recycled Firefighter notebook cover in the same kind of rubberized material (I think it's the same) and it was terrible. But I really do like the design. My current RFF wallets are bifold but taller and cannot hold bills flat without not being able to access unless I pull the whole stack out. I hate folding bills even if my cash is just for reserve. I also had a Blue Alpha belt but it snapped inside and the buckle was really bulky and awkward. Currently using a Uncle Mikes Inner, because I have found reinforced belts to really only be helpful for OWB.