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Mason Delpino
West Chester, Pennsylvania
Items I carry all the time:
Kershaw Kuro
Handmade Paracord Bracelet
Helone Wallet with PocketMod PDA
Mini Survival Kit
Moleskine Notebook
Keys with Gerber Tempo and Leatherman Style CS

Things I choose between each day to carry:
Leatherman Crunch vs. CRKT Tool (leaning towards just EDCing the Crunch at this point)
G Shock vs. Luminox
Writing Instruments: Cross Pencil vs. The Bolt Pen vs. Sharp Kerry Pencil vs. newly acquired Montblanc Meiserstück Pencil

In my mini survival kit: 1 yd. string, 2 needles (sutures/compass), 4 charcoal pills, 2 Tylenol, 2 yds. waxed dental floss, multiple styles of bandages (including butterfly closures), 2 alcohol swabs, 1 mirror

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Mason Delpino ·
As soon as my EDC Ink Pen gets here I will be EDCing that! As well as probably the Modern Fuel Mechanical Pencil (both are on Kickstarter right now).