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Daniele Buzzanca
Rome Italy
I forgot the keys but i like the pictures that i made

I live in Italy
Every kind of edc knives is restricted to carry around in the city except for a good reason like camping or mountain sport. I have firearms license but for blade it's the same no one can carry blades or impact tools... I'm a good guy, i have my routine and i never had problems with law in my country, those things help me in the days in my work, free time, sports, travels and other kinds of andventure, so i carry illegal, but very relaxed and chill, becacause i know how to mantain the control and how to not abuse making tools weapons in my hands in hostile situations for example where some self defense skill are important... But for me this EDC is composed of tool and knife wich i never want to use in self defense situations for 2 reasons

The 1: is because i'm not following the law carryng knives so if i defend my self with a tool vs a guy and the bad guy go down by my hand i probably go to jail

The 2 : because i don't like violence i'm not serching figth and i try in every way to avoid
Bad areas.

In conclusion○●
Guns are sport.EDC knives are tools
This is my edc and i just want to live in peace with it.

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