Liquid Key Caddy


Keys are one of the most essential parts of our everyday carry, yet oftentimes the most cumbersome. Different sizes and shapes all freely dangling from a keychain are neither practical nor efficient, even more so when other tools are added to the mix. Liquid out of Melbourne, Australia are Kickstarting the Key Caddy, a compact re-engineering of how you carry your keys that fits right in your coin pocket. It uses a simple post/screw facility that allows you to stack and retrieve your keys similar to a Swiss Army Knife, with options to add a slim USB drive and a screwdriver/bottle opener.


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Thanks for the Post Mike. Quinn here from Liquid Co, the lead designer. if anyone has questions regarding about the Key Caddy, I'm here to answer.
How many keys can you put in?
Woah this is amazing im always loosing my keys because i have nothing to organize it, but i guess i have found the right thing and now i wont lose anymore of my keys! it looks so small and cute i love it.
Hey, cool to see a similar product! Looks nice. Would love to share notes, we make the Keyn key holder - stop by and say hi @ketalon on Twitter :
Will Mortice lock keys fit in it? Can I get it in the UK?