Stay home, hold fast.

Munich, Germany
Well, times are hard, I hope everybody is gonna get safe and alive out of this nightmare. Here what I more or less recently acquired. I'm switching from time to time the F95 with a Chris Reeve Insingo or a benchmade bugout or a proper.

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Mark ·
Nice Carry,Seba
pres10 ·
I wanted to know about the cloth under the Seiko and the coin.
Brian Filko ·
Noticed that the non-labeled ratchet is a knock off of the tool I designed, EverRatchet. I have one of those knockoffs and the bit does not even fit in the ratchet area. How are you finding yours to work? Cheers!
Seba ·
Oh no....I didn´t know about it, just got it as a present from a friend of mine. This thing with rip offs is a nightmare. Sorry man...:(
Bobby G ·
Nice Spartan, where did you get the scales. Or is it a custom knife
Seba ·
is a Spartan PS, the scales are from daily customs scales, here in Germany.
Seba ·
Thanx budddy