Pretoria, South Africa
This is my EDC. I Love wood, leather and all things classy. The watch is an orient mako ii, it’s a great watch and highly underrated. I love the esthetics, especially on a nice leather strap, it looks classy yet functional and rugged.
The slip joint is a new addition, it’s a fox livri in carbon fibre. The blade is m390 and the carbon fibre gives it a very executive look. It’s not only nice to look at, it performs all the edc task you could possibly need it to.
The wallet is from a South African company; freedom of movement, they make quality handmade leather products, this is their jim minimalist wallet.
The light, multitool and pry-bar are all pretty self explanatory. They don’t really fit the theme. But they are functional. The leatherman gets switched out for a bronze cadet depending on the primary knife I’m carrying.
The pen was handmade by a friend.
The primary knife changes regularly. This is the spyderco centrofante 3, it’s a lightweight classy yet very capable knife.

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Very nice EDC gear! Thanks for sharing. Stay safe.