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My essentials in the Maxpedition micro pocket organizer. Usually this is located in my backpack or car whenever i'm at school or out around town. In the utility pockets there are band-aids, alcohol wipes, waterproof paper, advil, and a spare house key. Thanks for looking!

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Ádám Gy ·
Why do you have the ziplock on the bic lighter?
Campbell ·
It acts as a safety to prevent accidental fluid from spilling out.
Kristopher Marciniak ·
Ádám Gy ·
I had the same problem and it's a perfect solution. Really good idea, thanks for sharing!
Michael Mutant ·
This is beautiful... I also have a Micro and I'm just about finished with the right side of it .. :)
Campbell ·
Thanks Michael! And yes! The micro is outstanding!
LaBrousse ·
I use Maxpedition Micro pocker org. as a medical set bag. So I am impresed how well you packed it.
Campbell ·
Thanks! It organizes everything perfectly for my needs.
Seth ·
Been looking at the Maxpedition bag and have been on the fence over it. Seeing it packed, I am sold. Great set up here!
Campbell ·
Michael A. Thomas ·
Clean and Slick. Nice carry.
Campbell ·
Thank you!
Tucker Ezrine ·
Is the organizer small enough to fit in pants pockets?
Campbell ·
Possibly a cargo pant pocket.
Hisar Dakario ·
Nice setup...!
Natty ·
Wow... this put me over the edge on getting one of these. Very nice setup.

What do you think of the Cryo? I have one and I like how sturdy and well built it is... but the knife isn't that sharp. I sent it back to Kershaw for sharpening and it came back... meh...
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