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Brian L
Utrecht, The Netherlands
My name is Brian, I'm an American living in the Netherlands. Currently I'm a physiotherapy (physical therapy) student. These are some of the things I have on me almost always when I'm out of the house. I love things which age more beautifully over time, this includes copper and leather goods. The primary knife, the watch I'm wearing and flashlight are always switching around with others in my collection but my phone, wallet and keys always stays the same. I never leave the house without my Airpods, they really make a world of difference when traveling on the train, as well as studying. As a student I need a really reliable pen, which is why I use a Tactile Turn as well as having a Fisher space pen backup. My Keybiner setup is my go to EDC, as it carries basically all my needs. Since I live in the Netherlands I basically travel by bike and train. The Rovyvon A5 I often clip to my jacket as it has an awesome bike light feature. I also carry a Leatherman Skeletool in my backpack, which is not shown in my picture.

I really enjoy your Instagram feed and seeing all the other great EDCs other people carry. Keep up the good work in showing what are in other peoples pockets!

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Levi Joe ·
Cool mobile cover.
Arshia ·
Beautiful watch! Hate to know how much it was.