The Necessities of Life

These items are a necessity for me everyday. The older I get the more I appreciate functionality. A clean, functional, and fun EDC is the way I like it. That leads me to my EDC. I might change watches around here and there but this Orient finds the most time on my wrist. I just received the brass top (top left) as a birthday gift and now cannot imagine life without it. What a great tool it is to pass the time during down periods of the day. I never leave the house without something Lego. So, the keychain helps to fill that requirement.

Hope you all enjoy!

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Wow we have almost the same exact drop!
Sick watch. Definitely gonna have to get one of those!
Appreciate it! I do very much like the dragonfly. Small enough to carry everyday - yet has the finger choil for a full grip.

A flashlight is on the list. I'll look into some keychain lights. Thanks for the advice!
The only thing I miss is a flashlight. You can buy really great ones for your keychain.
How do you like the Dragonfly? I can't chose between the Dragonfly and Delica 4.
Great and very clean EDC, thanks for sharing.