There’s defense options in the office...

Chicago, IL
I usually concealed carry, even in my home. I broke my FD holster, which I hated anyway. I work out of the house and have been home even more through the CoViD quarantine... I have a 12 ga pump, at the ready, in the home office and a full size so oddly I feel safe enough even in weird times and still liberated from my concealed carry... dollar store no brand flosser cuz like I’m eating all the time during quarantine.

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Nate Hank ·
Love the gear, I also love the watch and know that it didn’t come with that NATO strap- do you like this one and where can I find it?
Rayray ·
Yikes! I thought I linked it... I got it off Amazon. It’s been great.

I cannot post a link in replies so the best I can do is copy the description as follows: Benchmark Basics Leather Watch Band - Zulu Crazy Horse Oiled NATO Strap - 18mm, 20mm, 22mm & 24mm - 7 Colors

Additionally I should say that I treated it with boiled linseed oil and let it dry for about a week before wearing... Good Luck.
BigCountryScott ·
Nice EDC gear! I love the leather carrier.
Rayray ·
My wife gave it to me for Christmas... she listens to me blather about the simplicity of things I carry, and encourages... she’s pretty cool.