Yuri Alessandro
Surabaya, Indonesia
Wish the government lift the quarantine up as soon as possible. Been dying to use my gear.
Stay safe guys.

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Levi Joe ·
Nice color tone!
Yuri Alessandro ·
Thanks brother. I wish i got a TI Flashlight in my EDC rotation. 😂
Montana Actual ·
Spyderco using microtech style screws now? Ruined.
Yuri Alessandro ·
Check it out. It’s peter rassenti colab with spyderco. How come it’s ruined? I think its awesome. It got integral body. Zero blade play.
Montana Actual ·
It is a very nice knife. Just really expensive for s90v and the weird screws mean you need a new tool to maintain it. I am a huge Spyderco Fan, but this one eludes me.
Yuri Alessandro ·
i wish it was s20cv or M4, s90v has the tendency to develop rust quite fast. actually the screw used here is the same like PM2 or any other spyderco knifes. here, the pivot needs T10. no need special tools to maintain. cheers.
Montana Actual ·
Nice, so it's T10 on the inside of that three prong thing? Could not see it in the picture. I am in the market for a new knife, and s20cv is on the list, but might end up being s35vn, since I am coming from a long history of s30v.
Yuri Alessandro ·
Yes. The three side thing is just an additional design. But still only using T10. And we only need to unscrew 1 screw. The other screw is a dead lock screw. Very practical.

I agree, s35Vn is a great choice for everydaycarry, easy to sharpen, got edge retention, and toughness.

But if you’re looking for something more exotic S20CV is extremely delicate. Got way better performance than S35Vn
Man, that Spyderco is awesome! Stay safe brother.
Yuri Alessandro ·
Sure thanks dude. Some people say it got weak detent ball, but im loving it
Rlavallee ·
What Apple Watch band is that. Thanks and nice carry