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Trending: Milwaukee Inkzall

Mon Garcia
Trending: Milwaukee Inkzall

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Sometimes you need your marker to continue to write vividly, regardless of the conditions you’re in. The Milwaukee Inkzall (Chisel Tip) is part of the company’s line of weatherproof jobsite markers that are meant to leave a clear and legible mark even on wet, dusty, or even oily surfaces—that last one being a challenge for most permanent markers. The chisel tip gives you options for how thick you want to write with its quick-drying ink, whether that be on smooth metal, porous wooden boards, or rough concrete. The shape of the marker’s body helps prevent it from rolling off a car hood or whatever tilted surface you leave it on, even if you’ve left the cap off. The cap itself is meant to be used with hard hats thanks to a specially designed clip, which also keeps the Inkzall ready and within reach in your pocket or pack. And should you misplace that cap, the Inkzall boasts a 72 hour dry-out time with the cap off, ensuring you’ll enjoy the same marking performance even when you’ve left it out to dry. If you’re looking for a functional marker that can take on your daily write-anywhere challenges, making the Milwaukee Inkzall part of your EDC should keep you well prepared. Check it out at the link below.

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