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Trending: Victorinox Spartan PS

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Mon Garcia
Trending: Victorinox Spartan PS

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The Victorinox Spartan PS is part of the stalwart line of pocket multi-tools that have always come in the familiar red, blue, or sometime silver scales. If you’re looking for something to match your low-profile, murdered-out EDC, this variant may be the one for you. The Polispectral (PS) coating gives the scales a shimmering look, transitioning from black to dark gray to anthracite, depending on how the light hits them. This unique effect goes very well with a monochrome EDC setup, blending in while providing a distinct visual accent. Otherwise, this is the Victorinox Spartan that a lot of EDCers have come to know and love: 13 tools on a medium-sized 91mm frame, including two blades, different-sized drivers, can and bottle openers, and the usual pair of slots for a toothpick and tweezers. At two ounces, it’s a pocket carry favorite that’s now easier to access, thanks to the addition of a branded lanyard that helps with retrieval. The Spartan has always been a reliable choice for EDC, and with the new Polispectral scales, gives a unique look to highlight or complement the rest of your gear. Give your daily setup a bit of elegance and style by getting one at the link below.

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simple and efficient.
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Siempre en la mochila heredada de mi padre, mi hija de 10 años posee una. Ambas en el características rojo de la marca

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