On the Move and Always Outside

Landscaping (age 33)
Dallas, GA
A couple of years ago I had a major life-change and switched to full-time landscaping. I went from the indoor office to the outdoor playground. My EDC needs to be efficient, uber practical, and able to keep me comfortable.

The real star of this EDC is the REI Screeline Cap. I have owned this hat for 4 years and I wear it every day out in the sun. It gets sweaty and dirty but has held up wonderfully. It is light, breathable, and SO COMFORTABLE. I forget that I am wearing it. I handwash it every two weeks with a little dish soap and it comes out looking like new. I will probably buy a couple more and wear them all until they disintegrate. Best hat on the market. Hands down!

I could probably do without the pen or the flashlight on most days but I usually need them at some point most weeks. I bought the Alpine Swiss wallet in 2014 and it still looks new. Great quality and craftsmanship for less than $20. The KastKing sunglasses are comfy and keep out the rays really well. Affordable and nice looking! I have loved the CRKT Drifter knife as a budget option knife that always gets the job done. Burt's Bees is clutch in the winter and the Visine is a must during allergy season and on the hot, dusty summer days.

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