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Deal Alert: Olight December Flash Sale

Mikey Bautista
Deal Alert: Olight December Flash Sale

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With the Holidays pulling closer and closer, more and more EDC brands are offering big discounts and sales. And Olight, with its iconic Flash Sales, couldn’t stay behind. Starting today (December 12th) at 8:00pm EST, all the way through December 16th, Olight will be holding a Christmas Flash Sale, offering amazing discounts as well as free pieces of gear, depending on your total purchase.

In this post, we’ve selected three of our favorite items from the sale to help give you an idea of what Olight has in store. And who knows, if you still haven’t found a gift for one of the people on your list, one of these might be what you’ve been looking for.

Baton 3 Premium Four Seasons and Eternal (30% off)

This tiny but powerful flashlight is one of Olight’s most convenient offerings, and now, one of their most festive ones as well. Inspired by the fours seasons of the year, this tiny torch comes in 4 different colors along with an additional Eternal one. And with 1,200 Lumens at just 2.48“ in length, you’ll not only be getting a display-worthy light, but also a highly functional and convenient piece of gear.

For Spring, you’ll get a flashy rainbow anodized titanium, symbolizing the Season’s abundance of colors. You’ll also find a beautiful flower shape engraved on its body. For Summer, the Baton 3 comes in a royal blue; and to further compliment it, growing plants have been engraved along with a tiny Sun. For Autumn, it features a dark gray hue adorned by beautiful falling leaves. And for winter, it comes in a striking white colorway, complete with chilly snowflakes on its body. All four flashlights have a durable and lightweight titanium construction along with an IPX8 rating.

As far as the Eternal version goes, you’ll get an actual copper construction which will only get better with time as it develops its own, unique patina. And as if that wasn’t enough, an “Infinity'' symbol has been engraved in its chassis, featuring intricate patterns splashing out from it as well as smaller symbols to compliment it. Aside from these changes, the light’s performance remains at the same level as its peers.

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Beagle Folding Knife (Was $79.95, now $63.96) (Save 20%)

If you’re looking for a reliable companion to your outdoor (and indoor) adventures, the Beagle might just be what you need. Thanks to a premium 154CM steel composition, the Beagle enjoys an outstanding corrosion resistance as well as edge retention. This makes it perfect for withstanding hard use and abuse from some of the more aggressive outdoor tasks as well as resisting inclement weather and damp conditions. At 3.3“ of length, the blade comes in a harpoon shape, good for cutting and piercing tasks. The enhanced hardness of its steel also improves the tip’s performance, making it able to go through tough material without breaking. You’ll be able to ambidextrously deploy this blade via dual thumb studs. And after you do, it will be held in place thanks to a secure liner lock. The handles feature olive green Micarta, giving the knife a safer grip and a more stylish look. Finally, the choice of this material also brings the overall weight down to only 3.41 oz.

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Obulb MC Multi-Color Bulb Light (Was $29.95, now $23.96) (Save 20%)

With a compact size, changing colors and a simple operation, the Obulb is an amazing addition to anyone’s nightstand. At 75 Lumens, it’s powerful enough to help you find your way through the darkness, but not so much as to become overwhelming. It comes with an adhesive metal base so you can magnetically attach (and detach) the light from it, quite a convenient feature. Measuring 2.13“ in diameter and 2.05 oz in weight, the Obulb is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, something you might want to do often thanks to its wireless, rechargeable nature. It comes with 7 different colors distributed in 8 different modes, so you’ll have many options to set the appropriate mood for the situation. Finally, with an IPX7 rating for water resistance and a 1.5m impact resistance, the Obulb will be more than ready to provide you with a reliable, resilient light source, indoors or outdoors.

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