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Deal Alert: Olight July Flash Sale

Gabriel Colin
Deal Alert: Olight July Flash Sale

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If you need a solid flashlight with cutting edge features, simple and efficient interfaces, and options to suit your needs large and small, then Olight may have the perfect light for you. In addition to the black colorways you would see in other lights, they’ve also made a point to regularly release limited edition colorways to add a big splash of color and unique aesthetic to your EDC. In their latest Flash Sale, we’re taking a look at their latest releases, all of them on a deep discount and limited while supplies last. Read on below to check out the lights you can grab right now, including the brand new Open Pro, just in time for Father’s Day!

Warrior Mini 2 Titanium Four Elements

For July's Flash Sale, Olight's recent Warrior Mini 2 becomes available in a limited edition colorway meant to represent the four elements: Water, Air, Fire and Earth. To make it an even more appealing offer, it’s the first time that the Warrior Mini 2 has been made available in a titanium body, providing you with enhanced strength without adding any extra bulk to your EDC.

The Warrior Mini 2 comes comes with a proximity sensor, which automatically dims the light output in case of continuous obstruction to prevent burning a hole in your pockets or your bag if the light happens to fire at its max 1,750-lumen Turbo. Of course you can also still enable lockout mode by using the side switch, and you can navigate the Warrior Mini 2’s modes with that button as well, allowing you to go down to a Moonlight mode that has an estimated runtime of 45 days. And all you have to do when the battery runs low is use the included magnetic USB tail cap charger to get things going again

Open Pro

Coming in as one of the main contenders for this new set is the Open Pro, a 3-in-1 pen that will make sure you’re always prepared with a little bit of illumination no matter where you are. Better yet, the pen was designed as a 2-part tool, meaning that you can easily separate the pen part from the lighting part for even more versatility.

The Open Pro comes with a RF-OL182X Black refill which you can easily deploy via bolt-action. This not only gives you a fun mechanism to fidget with, but it will also reduce the chances of accidental deployment inside your pockets.

The other part of the Open Pro contains both a green laser and a white LED. The green laser is located at the tail of the pen so you can accurately point it whenever you’re giving a presentation at the office. Like the original Open, the main Warm White LED is located on the clip of the pen for hands-free illumination when needed. It has a maximum output of 120 Lumens for up to 23 minutes and also comes with three other brightness settings for you to choose from.

X9R Marauder Blue

The X9R Marauder is Olight's most powerful light yet, setting an extremely high (and bright) bar of 25,000 lumens for a production light. Olight's familiar interface paired with the X9R's mode and battery indicators make it easy to use the light, if not a bit difficult to carry around, but the IPX7 resistance helps it keep on trucking.

This new edition coats the light’s body in Olight's signature metallic blue colorway while offering the same features that you would expect from the original powerhouse. The light includes a shoulder strap for an easy, comfortable carry that won’t make your arms tired. It also features an active thermal management system that reduces the output when the temperature gets too hot to prevent any damage. Finally, it’s simple interface lets you choose between 8 different output modes while pulling double duty as a battery indicator.

If you're looking to get a new EDC flashlight, make sure to check out these heavy hitters Olight's July Flash Sale, along with a wide variety of their other flashlights including the Warrior X Turbo Desert Camo, the new X9R Cell and plenty of bundles of freebies, so make sure to click the link below.

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