My Carry for professional environments

Engineer (age 29)
Tehran - Iran
I'm constantly traveling between work and university in the big city of Tehran, So i tried to make my carry as light as possible. at least i tried. of course there are some other items which i have to carry every now and then like some documents and a book sometimes, but those are not fixed in my bag.
I know there are too many writing instruments but trust me each of them has its own specific use.
for the two fountain pens, one is filed with pelikan Brilliant green and the inoxcrom which i put in my shirts chcest pocket is filed with Pelikan Blue-Black ink.
the Wenger is a very handy pocket knife but its Sharpness is not even near the najafi knife. najafi is a very old and traditional knife maker located in Zanjan-Iran.
The Norvex watch is more of a style choice (it's not even water resistant). for more casual times i wear my casio edifice.
that's it guys :) hope you liked my carry.

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