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Father's Day Gift Idea: MyDeejo Customized Deejo Knives

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Father's Day Gift Idea: MyDeejo Customized Deejo Knives

Father’s Day is coming up again, and so starts the quest for something useful, unique, or memorable as a gift for Dad. He may already have a little bit of everything, and even have his EDC dialed in, but nothing quite adds to a collection like a personalized piece of gear. A customized and one-of-a-kind knife is one he'll appreciate and won't soon forget, and thankfully, lifestyle and design knife brand Deejo makes all that easy and accessible with knives that you can design and get though its online platform, MyDeejo. On it, you’ll find a lot of options and choices for how you could customize Dad’s own one-of-a-kind Deejo knife, turning an everyday carry staple into a unique and personalized heirloom.

Customizing a knife for your dad starts with an easy online interface. Every option you select gets reflected onto a 3D rendering of the Deejo knife, letting you preview changes and your final design. There are five different ways to customize Dad’s knife, and the first choice to make is how large you want your customized knife to be. Depending on how you think Dad will carry or use this knife, you can choose from the three sizes are available, labeled 15g, 27g, and 39g—corresponding to their weight—with each one measuring 7cm, 9cm, and 11cm when closed, respectively. From primary EDC blade to backup knife to letter opener for his desk, these different sizes have got you covered.

Next you have the choice of three different finishes for the strong and corrosion-resistant 420 stainless steel used in the blade of the knife. A classic mirror finish makes for a flashier aesthetic, but you can also go for something more subdued with the grey titanium and black titanium options. The finish extends beyond the blade and into the lightweight and skeletonized handle frame of the knife, which integrates the liner lock mechanism for when the knife is in use. On the blade, Deejo gives you the option of etching a decorative “tattoo” design, letting you pick from over 60 options, from mandala and art deco patterns to topographic maps and nature-themed designs, among others. Most cover a substantial part of the blade, and, combined with your choice of finish, create a distinct aesthetic for the knife.

The handle scales that protect the blade’s edge when it’s retracted can be customized as well, to complement or contrast with your previous choices in finish and markings. Here you have the option of different types of wood, including Juniper Wood, Ebony, Coral Wood, and others, or you can go with Composite Scales displaying Carbon Fiber weave or a polished Turtle Shell look. Finally, for a really personalized touch, you have the option to engrave Dad’s name or a short dedication onto the handle, making for a truly memorable gift.

When you’re all done with your choices, you can click a button to see how your design looks when the knife is closed, and another button to share your concept design on social media, giving your friends or even Dad a preview before you pull the trigger. When you do, it normally takes Deejo two business days to build then ship it, giving you more than enough time to have one done up and sent before Father’s Day. Every customized Deejo knife ships with its own holster, ready to be your Dad’s new everyday companion. With so many ways to customize this knife, there’s a Deejo design that’s just right for Dad. Build one up now by checking out the link to MyDeejo below.

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Raul ·
I've had and have several of these knives. The first ones were called Bladeo if I remember correctly. They are very cool looking and I loved the minimal design but they are really made for very light work. Maybe cutting apple slices or opening mail, not a knife you would rely on. The other issue I had was that they are chisel ground, so as you are cutting the knife pulls in one direction. Very cool looking but if actually use your pocket knife for other things than slicing cheese at a wine tasting event, give it a pass.